Deejay Renay - Presenter

I am a househead who accidentally became a DJ because of my frustration of not finding the house music I wanted on cds. I started my journey late in the game (age 42) and spent 5 years learning to mix and playing music in my living room for my own enjoyment. I finally got the courage to play in public at an "Open Turntable" and, after appearing a few times, I was offered an opportunity to play during the breaks of the regular band and eventually advanced to playing 4 and 5 hour sets. I started out with classic house but I developed a passion for soulful and gospel house music after hearing selections from SuSu Bobien, Barbara Tucker and Kenny Bobien.

Expect to hear lots soulful and underground vibes during my sessions. You never know, but one thing is for sure, it's always mixed to move you or get you moving! Still can't believe I've been doing this for close to 13 years and still learning, feeling and enjoying the music!