DJ Essbee - Presenter

During the early 80’s the explosion of pirate radio stations (lwr, solar, kiss, horizon & jfm to name a few), meant I could listen to “our music” on a more frequent basis. By the late 80’s I had joined a sound system, playing mainly reggae/ lovers rock, at parties & private functions.

But my passion was definitely soul music…..any kind!! Fast-forward 25/30 years and my passion has grown. For me, a day without my music is like a day without food (and I LUUUURVE my food)!! Hopefully, when you tune in to my shows, you will be able to tell that a lot of thought has gone into preparing each one.

You’ll hear the classics & the obscure! The old & the new! tunes to make you smile & some that may make you cry! Some that’ll make you nod your head, and some that’ll make you stomp your feet!! That, in a nut-shell, is the SPECTRUM OF SOUL!!! REMEMBER, this is YOUR show on YOUR station.