Simon Vine - Presenter

Born and raised in a corner of South Wales, Simon grew up in a part of the world not famous for music.  In fact, not very famous for much at all.  Along with his parents and 2 older brothers there isn't much to talk about.  Apart from the deep lasting love of music in general of nearly all genres.  The path towards radio started from a very early age with a visit by Radio 1 to Porthcawl one year, that and a memory of listening to music on the radio for many years.  Anything musical came up, he'd figured out and at the age of 13, began his training as a vinyl DJ.  From that point onwards, Simon has played to audiences in Norway, Germany & Sweden while also DJ'ing in clubs in his local area as well.  

An ever increasing knowledge of music history & collection has meant that Simon can hold his own with presenting shows.  This includes broadcasting show in Portishead, Bristol, Mansfield and a breakfast show in Plymouth.  Currently broadcasting on a number of stations with his Dance Classics show around the world, which takes dance music from all corners of club culture, and pours into audio gold for 2 hours.  Along side that show, Simon broadcasts a couple of other programs on radio stations based in South Wales.  Simon Vine is being heard more and more around the world.  Truly he is the strongest man on radio.