John “Peanutz” Koenig- Presenter

Discovering music at the tender age of 5 with his Grandmother’s vintage wind-up “Victrola”. . .

the ‘reproducer’ was a horn, and the shellac 78's were 12” diameter & weighed a tonne!

His 1st ‘professional’ DJ job got him $2 for the night!

He was assigned to England with the United States Air Force where he acquired  his  nickname

 ‘Peanutz’, and DJ’d on stations XCFT and FAB (Forces Audio Bicester, Bicester Garrison).

The burn to play his music got stronger.

After being requested to demo at Radio Caroline’s 6 Chesterfield Gardens, London, basement

studio, he continued sending demos to other stations. At that point the BBC hired him for a

Saturday morning show.

During the 90's, Peanutz hosted the radio shows for the British premier motor racing circuits,

Silverstone & Donington Park.   It was the Silverstone broadcasts Formula 1 weekends in 1995 &

’97 that he obtained accolades from the Guinness Book of Records for his 1st's in worldwide

broadcast history in both years.

With over 40 years as broadcaster & disco entertainer, a wealth of experience has been obtained.

Most importantly his love of music has been sustained, and his passion is projected to his

Audience. Peanutz is for “K E E P I N G   V I N Y L   A L I V E  ! ! ! ! !